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Joan Cooke

Hello, I'm Joan Cooke, longtime lover and creator of comics.

Joan Cooke is a passionate artist that takes the comic world seriously.  She has even resisted the smell of a warm, fresh baked batch of cinnamon rolls just to finish a page on a deadline.  That's dedication.  Using sequential art as her artistic medium, Joan has made endearing characters and engaging educational material. 

Joan keeps herself busy by working on art commissions and the collaborative webcomic PhD Unknown.  A long devoted fan of all things nerd, you can find Joan at convention artist alleys, with tons of prints, stickers, and witty commentary.


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This exclusive interview with Alchemical Records Magazine helps take a look into the mind of the artist.

Joan Cooke's Background

Joan Cooke's Experience

Freelance Illustrator at Self employed

2012 - Present | Maryland

Creating illustrations from sketches to a finished, usable product for the client. This includes but is not limited to logo design, character design, photo editing, portraits, car illustration, decorative art, flyers, album covers, and profile avatars.

Artist at PhD Unknown, Webcomic

May 2013 - Present |

Creating the visual component of the webcomic, including pencils, inking, and digital coloring, is my responsibility. Collaboration, marketing, networking, character design, and printing are also part of my efforts.

Joan Cooke's Education

Savannah College of Art and Design

2009 – 2012

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Concentration: Sequential Art

Joan Cooke's Interests & Activities

Comic books, graphic novels, sketching, cartoons, anime, sci-fi and fantasy, inking, video games, and long walks.

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